Weed Spray

For every pound of weeds killed you can gain 2-3x’s more grass.

Weed spraying in East Texas is a great way to control weeds and promote grass production.  In the study below, conducted by Texas A&M, 3.6 times more grass was produced by just spraying weeds over doing nothing at all. There are several different kinds of weeds and herbicides.  Click here to visit our weed identification page. Give us a call and we can help you decide what is best suited for your pastures.

Texas A&M Study

Response of Coastal Bermuda Grass to Weed Control and Fertilizer. Source: Dr. David Bade and Dr. Paul Baumann. Herbicide and Fertilizer yields 6 times more grass.  Herbicide alone yields 3.6 times more grass.

Dry Matter Lbs./Acre 1990 (Dry Year) 1991 (Wet Year)
Treatment Grass Weeds Grass Weeds
Early Herbicide with Fertilizer 2142 209 8323 0
Early Herbicide with no Fertilizer 1330 202 4988 0
Shredding Weeds, with Fertilizer 577 1078 5089 2208
Shredding Weeds, with no Fertilizer 341 761 4787 998
No Weed treatment, Fertilize only 645 1698 2587 7452
Control group, no treatment or fertilizer 377 1127 1385 4252


  • Picloram/2 4-D
    General purpose broadleaf weed control product.  Contact plus extended residual in soil.
  • 2 4-D
    General purpose broadleaf weed control. No residual.
  • Metsulfuron
    Primary use bahia grass control.  Add 2 4-D for increased efficacy and mustard weed control.
  • Dicamba/2 4-D
    General purpose broadleaf weed control.  Good for marsh elder.   Contact with soil residual.
    Surmount Pasture reclamation and control of woody species.
  • Remedy
    General purpose control of woody species.   Add 2 4-D or other products in mix as recommended.
  • Tordon
    General purpose woody plants.  Useful on bull nettle.  Can be applied as a pre-emergent.
  • Prowl H20
    Pre emergent.  Good on sandbur, johnson grass, crabgrass and most annuals that have not germinated.
  • Pastora
    General purpose weed control.  Post emergent for sandbur and bahia grass.
  • Round Up/Glyphosate
    Contact killer for broadleaf weeds.  No residual.
East Texas Weed spray
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    More grass. Cleaner pastures. One pass. Weed and feed with Stevens Fertilizers.


  • Weed Identification

    weed controlNeed help identifying your weeds? Visit our weed identification page for photos and names of common weeds.

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